Department Of Political Science

Programme Outcomes(PO):

At the end of the Program, students will be able to:

  • POs 1: Basic knowledge: apply and analyze the knowledge of languages and social sciences.
  • POs 2: Problem Analysis: Identify, study of literature, understand terms and particular concepts. Identify, formulate and analyze complex ideas in the social sciences.
  • POs 3: Understand, identify and analyzed the knowledge such as, code of conduct of society, manners, cultural issues, political issues, economical, historical and geographical etc.
  • POs 4: Critical Thinking: Identify the assumptions, checking out the degree to which assumptions are accurate and valid looking out the correct perspectives.
  • POs 5: Effective communication: Apply the basic knowledge to listen, speak, read and write clearly to understand English knowledge.
  • POs 6: Modern tool usage: To understand and analyzed the knowledge of ICT in communications.
  • POs 7: Ethics and values: Apply the ethical principles and understand the responsibilities of the societies.
  • POs 8: Communications: To communicate effectively in the society such as being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documents for making effective presentation and exchange clear information.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs).

A degree in Political Science provides with the wide range of transferrable skills which is important :

  • PSOs 1: Understand the basic principles of politics
  • PSOs 2: Awareness of their rights .
  • PSOs 3: Understand the code of conduct political issues.
  • PSOs 4: Understand the new trends and study of political science such as LPG, Good Governess and political parties etc.


  • To develop the department as a center for studies in material science and technology


  • To pursue academic excellence through technology for the overall development of the students to meet the global requirements.
Political Science Department

Prof. Mrs. Supekar V.P.

  • Designation : Assi. Prof. (HOD)

  • Qualification : M.A., SET

  • Experience :14 Years

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 9822853058

Prof. Mr. Randive T. Y.

  • Designation : Assi. Prof.

  • Qualification : M.A., M.Phil., NET

  • Experience :9 Years

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 9657010632

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Name Of Department Political Science
Establishment 1982-83
Level of teaching: UG & PG both
Success Rate of Students 61.5%
Number of Books in Department Library Nil
Number Of Computer 1
# Course Eligibility Period Type
1 B.A. H.S.C 3 Years Academic
2 M.A. H.S.C 2 Years Academic
# Class No.Of Students
1 F.Y.B.A. 56
2 S.Y.B.A. 50
3 T.Y.B.A. 45
# Name Placement Designation
1 Sachin Pingale TATA Manager
Teaching Pedagogies:
  • Lecture / Note
  • ICT Based Teaching
  • PPT Presentation
  • Study Project
  • Groups Discussion
  • Classroom Seminar
  • Role-play
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Problems Solving
  • Workshop/Seminar
  • Peer Teaching
Co-Curricular Activities:
  • Quiz Competition
  • Study Tour
  • Wall paper
  • Voter Rally
Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Students Research Project
  • Students (Hand written) Booklet on Indian Budget 2019-20
  • Participation of the students in N.C.C.
  • Participation of the students in N.S.S.
Extension & Other Activities:
  • -
  • Conference/Seminar/Workshop Organized Two days National Seminar on “Changing Indian Foreign Policy” sponsored by BCUD SPPU, Pune. 30th & 31st January 2017.
  • Research Guides-Nil
  • No. of Research Projects- 19
  • Total No. Of Research Papers Published-11
  • Book Published-Nill

National Voter’s Day

Quiz Competition

Co-Curricular Activity

Classroom Seminar

Group Discussion

Field Visit1st

Moot Court

Constitution Day

Wall Paper Activity