Department Of History

Programme Outcomes(PO):

At the end of the Program, students will be able to:

  • POs 1: Be acquainting with the range of issues related Indian History and its distinctive eras.
  • POs 2: Understand the history of the country’s other than India with comparative approach.
  • POs 3: Think and argue historically and critically in writing and discussion.
  • POs 4: Critically organize the social, political, economic and culture aspects of History.
  • POs 5: To study further in the applied field of History as archeology.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs).

A degree in History provides with the wide range of transferrable skills which is important :

  • PSOs 1: Students will distinguish between primary and secondary sources and identify and evaluate evidence
  • PSOs 2: Student analyzes primary and secondary sources understands interpretive differences
  • PSOs 3: Student will demonstrate in discussion and written work their understanding of different peoples and cultures in past environments and of how those cultures changed over the course of the centuries.
  • PSOs 4: Developing your research, writing and problem solving skills
  • PSOs 5: Undergraduate degree career options and employers include: • Archivist • Arts and humanities council • Civil service• Consulting • Foreign service • History educator at a nonprofit agency • Historic site manager • Information manager • Museum guide or expert • Politics • Public history • Researcher • Technical writing


  • To develop the department as a center for studies in material science and technology


  • To pursue academic excellence through technology for the overall development of the students to meet the global requirements.
History Department

Prof. Mr. Sangale B.K.

  • Designation : Assi. Prof. (HOD)

  • Qualification : M.A. (His.), M.A.(Mar.), M.A.(Soc.) B.Ed. NET (His.)

  • Experience :19 Years

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 9422759965

Prof. Dr. Jadhav S.H.

  • Designation : Assi. Prof.

  • Qualification : M.A., M. Phil., Ph. D., NET, JRF SET.

  • Experience :11 Years

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 9850558576

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Name Of Department History
B.A. Course Establishment 1967
Level of teaching: UG
Success Rate of Students 61.5%
Number of Books in Department Library Nil
Number Of Computer 1
# Course Eligibility Period Type
1 B.A. H.S.C 3 Years Academic
2 M.A. H.S.C 2 Years Academic
# Class No.Of Students
1 F.Y.B.A. 56
2 S.Y.B.A. 50
3 T.Y.B.A. 45
# Name Placement Designation
1 Sachin Pingale TATA Manager
Teaching Pedagogies:
  • Lecture / Note
  • ICT Based Teaching
  • PPT Presentation
  • Study Project
  • Groups Discussion
  • Classroom Seminar
  • Role-play
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Problems Solving
  • Seminar
  • Peer Teaching
Co-Curricular Activities:
  • Field Visit
  • Study Tour
Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Students Research Project
  • Students (Hand written) Booklet on Indian Budget 2019-20
  • Participation of the students in N.C.C.
  • Participation of the students in N.S.S.
Extension & Other Activities:
  • -
  • Conference/Seminar/Workshop Organized Two days National Seminar on “Changing Indian Foreign Policy” sponsored by BCUD SPPU, Pune. 30th & 31st January 2017.
  • Total No. Of Research Papers Published-39
  • Book Published-02

Study Tour

Modi Lipy Traning Course

Participation in Other activities

Shivjyot Rally

Caves in Shivneri Fort

Tracking camp